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here we will show sales, show details and more.

I am in the process of retiring from the comic retail market due to health related issues
I am looking on selling my entire inventory to someone for a low price or would even consider selling the inventory in several LOTS based on what the lot is worth.

IE: DISCOUNT BIN LOT (Comics I sell for $1 each wich still contain some valuable sleeper comics) I would Consider selling this lot for .25 cents each TIMES the number of comics in the lot, no picking.
example: 500 comics $125 retail $500 your proffit $375 GREAT DEAL

COMICS MID value LOT 2 : Valued between $5-$10 each Times the number of issues + retail Value 20% of Retail value (no picking)


one LARGE LOT DEAL by the number of Comics in Inventory TIMES $2 each for everything. so if there are 5000 comics it would be $10,000
in this lot would be everything from $1 comics up to $300+ comics I have over 100+ valued over $100 each THOSE Alone Would beworth OVER the $10,000 Retail value. so basically meaning the rest would be PURE PROFIT over $20,000 to $30,000
This is bassically a POP UP CONVENTION/EXPO Comic Business

I am in the process of inventorying all the comics valued over at $5 and over and will be making a comic gallery on here and facebook to show you what is in the collection so please check back I will still be selling retail until this collection is sold in one lot, but I will remove any photos of comics that are sold so it is accurate and everything shown will be in the inventory. and more

If you happen to be in the Sudbury, Ontario area, you can make a Appointment to view the collections by contacting me at